Our ultralight personal kit weighing in at just under a pound still packs a punch with everything you need to keep you going even when injury or illness strikes.  It includes the requisite bandages and dressings, but also eye, dental, and blister care kits, skin stapler and surgical adhesive, hemostatic agent, optional basic prescription meds and much more – all in a water resistant Outdoor Research or KUIU NySil zip pouch.
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    With this kit you will be able to treat/and or perform:

    – Rx grade mild to moderate hemorrhage control/wound care
    – simple/complex laceration closure
    – tick/splinter/foreign body removal
    – aches/pains/fever/allergy
    – insect bites/stings
    – simple extremity sprains/strains
    – blisters
    – CPR
    – dental injury

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