When the unthinkable happens, and seconds count…this is the kit you want and need. Perfect for the base camp, shooting range, lodge, home and safari vehicle, rest assured that the Nyati can not only save your day- it can save your life with contents available only through a licensed physician. We spared no expense creating this veritable ER in a bag and believe that it’s simply the best semi-compact medical kit on the planet. If a cantankerous dagga boy or ol’ chui decides to come calling, you’ll be happy that the Nyati kit is within reach.

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    With this kit you will be able to treat/and or perform:

    • Rx grade mild/moderate/severe bleeding control
    • Penetrating wounds to groin/axilla (X-stat 30; Rx hemostatic agent)
    • Wound care for multiple persons
    • Contaminated wounds
    • Simple/complex laceration closure
    • Skin staple removal
    • Tick/splinter/foreign body removal
    • Aches/pains/fever/allergy
    • Insect bites/stings
    • Simple and complex extremity trauma (fractures/sprains/strains)
    • Blisters
    • CPR – sustained
    • Airway compromise (nasal and oral)
    • Dental injury
    • Burns (simple/complex)
    • Penetrating chest wound
    • Pelvic trauma/fracture
    • Pneumothorax (collapsed lung)
    • Snake bites/Scorpion stings
    • US Army field medic guide

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