The Spiker is the perfect kit for situations or environments that require a bit more content than the Apex or Alpaca, but not as much as the comprehensive Base Camp. It contains enough wound care, soft goods, and emergency items for 2-4 people, yet is still quite portable and packable.

Also included is a single X-Stat 12 for penetrating junctional wounds of smaller caliber. Weight: Approx 4 lbs.

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    This kit includes:With this kit you will be able to treat/and or perform:

    • Rx grade mild/moderate/severe bleeding control
    • Penetrating wounds to groin/axilla (injectable hemostatic agent)
    • Wound care for multiple persons
    • Simple/complex laceration closure
    • Skin staple removal
    • Tick/splinter/foreign body removal
    • Aches/pains/fever/allergy
    • Insect bites/stings
    • Simple and complex extremity trauma (fractures/sprains/strains)
    • Blisters
    • CPR
    • Dental injury
    • Burns (simple)
    • Penetrating chest wound
    • US Army field medic guide

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