Our Story

Our founder and CEO grew up in western Pennsylvania, exploring the woods and waterways and developed a love affair with the great outdoors. After going to medical school and completing a residency in orthopaedic surgery, he became a US Navy medical officer, serving our country immediately post 9/11, treating thousands of sailors, soldiers, marines and airmen – active duty and retired. Honorably discharged in 2006, he called the mountains of Wyoming home and began backcountry hunting in earnest and always had an emergency medical kit in his pack. As his adventures began taking him around the globe, many guides and outfitters and fellow hunters encouraged him to start a company that provided a much needed product for the industry – professional grade medical kits. After a particularly dangerous Stone’s Sheep hunt in 2013, the idea for Mountain Medic was born.

Over the last decade, we have dedicated our business to the emergency medical needs of the intrepid outdoorsman. We build our kits here in the USA, one by one, with the very best professional grade medical supplies. Thanks to the incredible knowledge and experience of some of the best experts in the industry, our kits continue to improve. Additionally we provide a unique Concierge Medical Service, to assist in the planning of your trip with the CDC recommended medications for where you’re traveling; we ship them directly to you with your new medical kit so you can have peace of mind as you venture into the wilderness.

Without a doubt, Mountain Medic and Safari Medic kits are the very best in the world, forged by over 20 years of real medical and trauma experience and almost two decades of international and mountain hunting.

Mountain Medic and Safari Medic have given us the opportunity to integrate our two passions – the great outdoors and the field of medicine.

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Custom Medical Services

We provide custom professional grade medical and trauma kits and travel medicine consultation for prescription medications, vaccinations, etc.

Consultation fee is  $250 per hr.

Concierge medical services with weekly/monthly/yearly packages available.  “On Call” for medical emergency consultations- for the individual or organization.  Price on request.

Concierge Medical Services