The Dangerous Game Kit (DGK) was developed with the help and input of some of the best Professional Hunters in all of Africa.  This special kit focuses on trauma and the types of injuries one may encounter while in the company of the Dangerous 7.  

However, it is just as effective in other environments such as the gun range, and other back country adventures where penetrating trauma is possible, albeit unlikely.

X-stat is a breakthrough hemostatic device designed for junctional wounds (groin/armpit) where tourniquets are ineffective and injury to the underlying vessels means almost certain demise.  With the X-stat 12 or 30 one can actually stop a femoral artery or axillary artery bleed.  This was invented by special forces medics and is changing the game of battlefield first aid.  Visit www.revmedx.com for more details.

Because this is a prescription medical device, the purchaser must complete an online medical questionnaire and complete the face-to-face tutorial.